Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Valentine's Day was yesterday....

So Valentine's day was yesterday and most of us didn't get anything. Well I went to dinner with the boy, saw a movie (The Rite) and had a great time. Spent most of the time before dinner and movie playing video game in the theatre's arcade.

It was fun stuff. But the day and night I've realised seem to means making love. Yeah yeah, we all think it but no one wants to say it. The lingerie stores (last minute might I add) was filled with men buying sexy outfits for their lady loves (of the moment lol). There was one guy there that bought this beautiful, pink number that made me arched my brow and think...OHH LA LA!

But what is Valentine's day really? I would like to think it is a day when Romance authors are rewarded for what they do best and the night should be reserved to honour erotic authors for what they do best. It should be fun either way, right? Either way, I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with romance and laughter, and your night filled with Erotic endeavours!

Anways, you have a great day!


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