Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Masquerade Hump Day Surprise

The days here are long, the nights even worse. The heat alone reminds me of the days when you would burn for me. The days when you would sit against the large oak tree by the river, and watched me strip for you.  Ever so slowly, I would remove my hat and placed it atop your head.  Then I would dragged my hand down my chest, locking eyes with you and undoing the buttons of my shirt.

You smirked at me, loving the way my body peeked out the open shirt until it floated to the ground. When I was shirtless, you would crawl to me, drag your nails down my abs and looked up at me with that searing shimmer in your eyes. Then your tongue would trace my muscles, sucking, licking, driving me to beautiful insanity.

I await your return with an open heart and open arms. I ache for your lips; your legs wrapping around me and your large breasts pressing into my chest. I want to taste you--spread you wide and licked. Consider this my deepest, sexiest fantasy.

Patiently, I wonder when you will look at me like you did that first day. The way you stripped me naked with your eyes and ravished my body with your passion. I miss the way you arched up against my hands, pulling at my hair and screaming your pleasure at the top of your lungs.  I want your neighbours to hear what I'm doing to you--I want them to know I am your man and I make your body burn.

I need to feel your hot breath against my face, my body and the way your long tongue lash my skin. The fire surging through my veins from just the mere thought of you.  

Would you mind terribly of I loved you in the rain? To feel the water soaking your body while I drink from your essence? I want to hold you against the wall and stroke you from behind. Desperately, I need to feel you close around me, pulling me deep and squeeze. I need you, baby--only you.  Only you can entertain me, love me, arouse me. Only you can stir the dark wolf that howls within me--yearning for pleasure.

I have been patient my love--and tonight my wait is over. Tonight, I aim to make you see and to take my fill of your delectable body. Tonight, I will make you feel and make you burn. 

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