Wednesday, February 16, 2011


His loins were burning with the need and desire that she always stirred in him. He knew he couldn't wait any longer to have her, to have a taste of her. His need was far too strong and tonight he was going to make sure she knew it. Of course it was all wrong, who said falling for your best friends ex girlfriend was ever easy. In a way he knew he deserved this uncomfortableness, yet he couldn't mask his desires any longer. Yes tonight was going to be legendary, tonight he could care less if his soul blackened and his friendship ended, this ever lusting urge to just cum needed to be appeased at long last, and there was no stopping this newfound insanity.

She noticed he was staring at her again, why did he do that? She could litterally feel the intensity from his eyes from across the room. In a way she always wondered what he thought of her, did he blame her for everything that went wrong with Kevin? Or did he really know her true feelings and despise her for it. The truth was she knew she had a big problem, she had never been so sexually attracted to someone in her whole life. he had that raw animal magnetism about him. It was this very thing about him that just drove her toes into the heal of her bed every night while she thought about him while pleasuring herself on those late lonely nights.
She knew this was not living, she needed to feel those burning lips on her aching body, she needed to feel his hands roaming her. This was it she had no other choice, she was going have to hold her head up high and make the move.

He notices her walking towards him, this was it, he stands, makes eye contact with her and in that single moment tells her without words all the dirty things he's going to do to her. Tonight was about to become reality, he'd make damn sure of it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Valentine's Day was yesterday....

So Valentine's day was yesterday and most of us didn't get anything. Well I went to dinner with the boy, saw a movie (The Rite) and had a great time. Spent most of the time before dinner and movie playing video game in the theatre's arcade.

It was fun stuff. But the day and night I've realised seem to means making love. Yeah yeah, we all think it but no one wants to say it. The lingerie stores (last minute might I add) was filled with men buying sexy outfits for their lady loves (of the moment lol). There was one guy there that bought this beautiful, pink number that made me arched my brow and think...OHH LA LA!

But what is Valentine's day really? I would like to think it is a day when Romance authors are rewarded for what they do best and the night should be reserved to honour erotic authors for what they do best. It should be fun either way, right? Either way, I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with romance and laughter, and your night filled with Erotic endeavours!

Anways, you have a great day!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Masquerade Hump Day Surprise

The days here are long, the nights even worse. The heat alone reminds me of the days when you would burn for me. The days when you would sit against the large oak tree by the river, and watched me strip for you.  Ever so slowly, I would remove my hat and placed it atop your head.  Then I would dragged my hand down my chest, locking eyes with you and undoing the buttons of my shirt.

You smirked at me, loving the way my body peeked out the open shirt until it floated to the ground. When I was shirtless, you would crawl to me, drag your nails down my abs and looked up at me with that searing shimmer in your eyes. Then your tongue would trace my muscles, sucking, licking, driving me to beautiful insanity.

I await your return with an open heart and open arms. I ache for your lips; your legs wrapping around me and your large breasts pressing into my chest. I want to taste you--spread you wide and licked. Consider this my deepest, sexiest fantasy.

Patiently, I wonder when you will look at me like you did that first day. The way you stripped me naked with your eyes and ravished my body with your passion. I miss the way you arched up against my hands, pulling at my hair and screaming your pleasure at the top of your lungs.  I want your neighbours to hear what I'm doing to you--I want them to know I am your man and I make your body burn.

I need to feel your hot breath against my face, my body and the way your long tongue lash my skin. The fire surging through my veins from just the mere thought of you.  

Would you mind terribly of I loved you in the rain? To feel the water soaking your body while I drink from your essence? I want to hold you against the wall and stroke you from behind. Desperately, I need to feel you close around me, pulling me deep and squeeze. I need you, baby--only you.  Only you can entertain me, love me, arouse me. Only you can stir the dark wolf that howls within me--yearning for pleasure.

I have been patient my love--and tonight my wait is over. Tonight, I aim to make you see and to take my fill of your delectable body. Tonight, I will make you feel and make you burn. 

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